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TRB (Teacher Resource Book) Kit – How to Choose An Assessment

  • Preschool-Grade 3 students or those who lack letter knowledge or sound awareness should begin at the Pre-Reading Survey to determine which assessment to complete next.
    • If the student scores below 75, they should start with the appropriate level of Let's Play Learn.
    • If the student scores between 75 and 85, they should start with Sonday System 1, Pre-Reading Levels 1-5. After completing these levels with the student, have the student take the Sonday System Pre- and Post-Test, then begin at Sonday System 1, Reading Level 1.  
    • If the student scores above 85, adminster the Sonday System 1 Pre- and Post-Test and the Sonday System 1 Placement Test. Begin the student at the recommended level.
  • A student should take the Sonday System 2 Pre and Post-Test and the Sonday System 2 Placement Test if they have:
    • Completed Sonday System 1,
    • successfully passed the Entry Test in the Sonday System 2 Learning Plan, 
    • or correctly spelled 65 words on the Sonday System 1 Spelling Pre-Test.
      • Start the student on the level recommended by the placement test.