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Sonday System 2 – How to Correct Spelling Errors in Step 4 - Spell Words

  • During Step 4 - Spell Words, check the students' answers for each word.
  • As soon as you see an error, stop dictating words. Don't say "I see a mistake," or call out the student who made the error.
  • Write the incorrectly spelled word and display it to the students. For example, if a student wrote sunsit instead of sunset, write sunsit and say, “This is sunsit.”
  • Ask the students to say the correct word (in this example, sunset).
  • Have the students Touch Spell the word.
  • When you get to the sound that was written incorrectly, have your students stop and grab that finger. Ask them, “What sound did you hear?” Don’t give them the answer.
  • Once a student says the correct sound (in this example, /e/), ask what letter or letters make that sound. As soon as you get the right answer, write the word correctly and show it to the students. 
  • Tell the students if they made a mistake, cross it out and write the correct spelling of the word (in this example, sunset).
  • Have everybody write and say the word again two more times.