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Sonday System Distance Learning Tips: Step 1 - Read Sounds

If you are tutoring more than one student at a time, hearing individual errors may be challenging. Stop at the sounds that students typically have difficulty with -- for example, b/d, y, all vowels, letters with multiple sounds, and tricky blends -- and trace these with all of the students while they make the sounds. Remind students to look at the letters on the screen while tracing. Model finger tracing on a contrasting surface in front of your webcam.

Audio of the accurate pronunciations of vowel and consonant sounds and blends is available under the Video & Audio tab of your Sonday System Digital Kit or in the Resources folder of your Media Kit flash drive.

Cards can be flipped over to show their key word and/or illustration on the back side.

To have students practice a sound again, click Dog Ear. The card will appear folded in the top right corner and will be shuffled back into the deck when you click .

Some card sets won't need to be read at every session. Click the  button to go to the end of a card set, then  to move on to the the next one.