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Sonday System 2 – How to Access Digital Readers

Sonday System 1 or 2 Digital Readers can be used by students for additional practice outside the classroom with the assistance of a guardian or other homework helper.

If the kit you purchased includes digital Readers for Sonday System 1 or Sonday System 2, this will be indicated with an icon placed over the appropriate Kit on your Quick Launch page.  

Once you launch your kit, you will see a “Readers” tab at the top of the page. Click that tab to see a listing of the included Readers by Level.

Click the green Details button at the far right of each listing to display an overview of the Reader.

On the Details page, you will see “Reading Session History,” a listing of times an individual student accessed a particular Reader, the amount of time they spent on it, and the page where they ended their most recent reading session.

Students can access the readers for their current level by going to, entering the group's Follow Code, and selecting the  Read a Book option.