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Sonday System 1 – Ball Toss Game

TIP: To incorporate multisensory movement into this step while teaching remotely, have a ball that you can toss or roll on a flat surface in front of your camera and have your student do the same.

For Levels 1-14, the next activity is the Ball Toss Game. After students are finished spelling sounds, click the Next button  twice to advance the Slide Controller to the screen below.

When you click the "Toss Ball" button below the Slide Controller, the system will randomly display a student name. The student whose name is displayed should then respond, per your instructions, to the word you say. Click the Toss Ball button again for each new word. The system will randomly display a student’s name from the group until you are ready to move on. 

Note: The Toss Ball feature does not operate on devices using the Follow Feature. If you have students using this feature or you do not wish to use it, simply skip using the Toss Ball button and announce each student's name before providing a new word.