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Sonday System 1 – How to Correct Reading Errors

  • Don't call out the student who made the mistake. Keep the card displayed and say to everyone in the group, “Let’s trace.” 
  • When you say “Let’s trace,” do not say the sound and give your students the answer. Tell everyone to put two fingers on a surface, trace, and say the sound. If you do hear it pronounced correctly, you say, “Great, and trace it again.” Then trace it one more time.
  • If you don’t hear the correct sound, stop, reference the card in the Slide Controller, and say “F says /f/,” then click Flip to flip the card over.

  • Reference the keyword and picture and say, “/f/, as in fish." Then Click Flip Back to turn the card back over and say, “Everybody trace the /f/ sound again,” then have the students repeat it two more times.

  • Once a mistake has been properly corrected, click Dog Ear.

  • The card will appear folded in the top right corner, and when you click the   button, the card will be shuffled back into the deck. When the card reappears, Dog Ear it again so the students can practice the sound one more time. Repetition is key.

Note: Students may tend to look at their fingers instead of the Sound Card. Make sure they are looking at the Sound Card when tracing.