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Essentials – Step 3: Read Words

Reading fewer words accurately and automatically is better than reading many words inaccurately and/or with difficulty. Each lesson provides more words and sentences than you are likely to get through in a single session.

Online teaching tips: Ask students to read the words on the screen. Physically tracking the word on the screen as it is read can be very helpful for students. Suggest that students use a new unsharpened pencil, a chopstick, or a similar object. If your student has a printed word list for the lesson, ask them to read word list number 3, for example. Hearing individual errors may be challenging. In that case, stop and ask all students to trace several of the words selected based on your knowledge of students' past errors. Remind students to look at the word on the screen or in print while tracing it. Model tracing on a contrasting surface in front of your webcam.

TIP: Some students may need Printables to have better success reading aloud. Printables for all lessons can be downloaded from the Resources tab or downloaded individually from the Printables tab. You can send the PDFs to the students who need them via email.