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Admin – Teacher Information

To view a Teacher's Profile, click Teachers under  Admin Panel from the menu on the left side of your screen.

Click the name of the Teacher whose profile you wish to view.

The Teacher's Profile will display their:
  1. Contact information
  2. Active Kits 
  3. Student Groups
  4. Students
  5. Recent Teacher Activity

Click Manage Kit to add, change, or revoke a Kit Assignment for this Teacher.

Click View Details next to any Student Group or Student to see more information.

To edit the Teacher's Internal Number, Internal Type, and/or Active Status, click  Edit in the top right corner of their contact card.
Note: Only the teacher can modify the rest of the information on their profile.

To prevent the profile from appearing in the Active tab, change the Teacher's status to Inactive, then click  Save Changes.
Note: Inactive and Archived statuses can be changed at any time.

This will take you to the Inactive Teachers tab. Click Edit next to the teacher's name.

Change the Teacher Status to Archived then click the green  Save Changes button.