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Sonday System 1 – Step 5: Teach New Material

Step 5 displays more content than can be taught in one session. Words for sounds not yet introduced will appear in gray text. In the example shown (Level 16), one new Blend Card is to be introduced at each session. 

Click on the Blend Card you want to teach at this session. The chosen card and associated row of words will change to red, so you can see which items you have already taught when returning to teach this level at a later time.

Click  in the Slide Controller to go through the slides, then follow the instructions for dictating words.

If time allows, you may teach multiple concepts within the same session by clicking  to select another Sound Card, Blend Card, or Sight Word. 

If needed, skip sections by clicking  to jump to the next section of the lesson.

If your students are ready and time allows, you may teach multiple concepts from the same section by clicking the pointer icon ​ to select another option.

Note: After a sound, blend, or concept has been taught, the associated cards will be added to Step 1 - Read Sounds and Step 2 - Spell Sounds. New words will also be added to Step 4 - Spell Words.

When you are ready, click Next Step  to move on to Step 6 - Read Aloud.