Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my slides move forward in Step 3?


In Step 3, you need to select an item in your Teaching Window. The slides will not load until you make a selection. 
  1. Choose one of the options by clicking it. The system will load the selected content in the Slide Controller. The system reminds you which option has been chosen by displaying a checkmark  next to it. Click the Next button  in the Slide Controller to advance through the selected slides.
  2. If time allows, you can make another selection by clicking the pointer icon .
  3. As in other steps, the system displays the number of slides in the set. As in Step 1, you can Dog Ear Word Cards and skip to the end of a set by clicking  or to the beginning of a set by clicking .

If you hear an error:
  • Simply stop and say, “Let’s trace.” Do not tell the students the word before they trace.
  • Have students trace the letters while saying the sounds, then blend the sounds into a word while underlining the word with the same 2 fingers. Repeat this twice.
  • If reading from a Word Card set, Dog Ear to place the card back into the deck for further practice.