Frequently Asked Questions


What do students need to use Sonday System online?


The student should have:
  1. A computer or device (such as a phone or tablet) with a camera, microphone, and stable internet connection
  2. The same videoconferencing platform (e.g. Zoom) as the teacher
  3. A writing utensil, preferably a dark pen or marker
  4. Paper to write on, preferably the Sonday System Notebook
It is preferable that the Sonday System Student Notebooks be available to the students so you can have a record of their work and can monitor progress. The students can then send you the pages by mail or by scanning/taking a picture and sending via email.

If you are using the digital kit, the Student Notebook page can be found in the Resources tab of your Sonday System 1 or 2 Kit. This page can be printed and distributed as necessary.